Proud to be an Amateur

So what’s with this Amateur thing?
Why do you want to remain an Amateur ? says Amateurs are naive, beginners, non-professionals, someone who pursues any study as a pastime.


Well that’s what I’ve been doing last 13 years.

Photography was a ‘pastime addiction’ for me, ironical but true. I was always fascinated by the various textures that light presents to the human eye. In those days it was just sheer love of capturing the light inside a box. Camera was an object of desire & utmost fascination. The sound of click was so soothing to my ears that I use to keep on clicking the empty camera.

I never wanted to be a pro or an expert, I never pursued it beyond a hobby, even when other people started telling me that my frames are narrating a story.

If you ask me,it was a conscious decision to be an Amateur Photographer for life. I always believed in ‘journey is the destination’ and hence realized I can enjoy this journey a lot more if I step into the shoes of an Amateur.

People call Amateurs as naive , I call it unconventional fearless imagination. I was never too bothered about the art or science behind Photography yet I ended up taking some lovely pictures which made me feel good.

To me, amateurism is the ultimate path of learning for lifetime that brings such simplicity to the process of clicking pictures and makes photography an exercise full of joy and imagination.

I am proud to be an Amateur.


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